What constitutes standard practice in commercial construction project management I changing rapidly. Platform software in BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM) and VIRTUAL DESIGN CONSTRUCTION (VDC) have elevated the importance of pre-construction practices -- creating opportunities to improve a project’s design and identify areas where production efficiencies can reduce costs and maintain schedules. The application of BIM and VDC become the catalyst that bring together project developers, architects, general contractors and sub-trades – ensuring greater collaboration before construction commences.

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Mader Southeast has provided BIM/VDC services for some of Central Florida’s most iconic and complex construction projects – from theme park attractions, restaurants and resort properties, to major transportation facilities, medical and commercial buildings. While pre-construction design-assist procedures can contribute to large, complex commercial construction contracts, BIM and VDC software can play a role on almost any project – regardless of size or scope.


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The advantages of utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Visual Design Construction (VDC) software are plentiful. They act as a catalyst for collaboration and design analysis. By bringing BIM and VDC into the pre-construction phase, stakeholders gain the benefit of effective cost and schedule management. Please reach out to Mader Southeast design assist services and tell us about your project.

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